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  Shanghai Megahoo International
353 North Fute Road
WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone
Shanghai, China, 200131

phone: +86 (0) 21-58667086
fax: +86 (0) 21-58667089

     We are experienced at services for large-scale exhibition. We offer an abundance of quality services for yacht, machine tools and other oversized item exhibitors over the years. With many successful transactions and cooperation with the Shanghai Ship Industry Association for years, we have accumulated a vast knowledge in yacht logistics services; therefore we have many successful cases of full logistics services for yacht manufacturing and sales enterprise with such companies as renowned as Searay and Brunswick.

We provide the following services:

  • Application for exhibition under the bonded state

  • Nation-wide exhibitions under the bonded state

  • Transportation for exhibition items; specialized for over-sized items.

  • Bonded storage and handling of exhibits

  • Hoisting and relocation of exhibits inside exhibition hall

  • Exhibit insurance(s)

  • Serve as agent in many aspects of yacht sales; such as generate invoices, foreign exchange

  • Purchase and/or payment

  Yacht Show


As a leading professional supply chain service provider, Shanghai Megahoo International has years of import/export and logistics service experiences. Our reputation with Customs and Commodity Inspectional Department is flawless due to our professionalism. Because of this, we can offer our clients a seamless and expedited service for yacht transportation, bonded exhibition services and customs clearance. We provide integrated services for yacht sales to solve the problems such as applying for exhibition, transportation, customs clearance, bonded storage, and other issues caused by the logistics issues. At the same time we created a new service for exhibition under the bonded state, which has decreased the financial burden of prepaid import tariff and value-added tax for yachts sellers.

  We serve our customers with the most efficient management and highest quality service.   
Shanghai Megahoo International, 4F, No.353. Fute (N), Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, 200131   
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