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  Shanghai Megahoo International
353 North Fute Road
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     We understand the need for financial services within the supply chain in order to support a totally efficient link in the chain.  With over a decade of experience in logistics and international trading, we have developed a finance system which promotes greater fluidity between the purchasing and distribution channels.

     The SCB(Supply Chain Bank) system, was developed with the cooperation of Megahoo and some of the largest banks in China. The Standard Chartered Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, BEA, are sample of the banks which at present, are in partnership with us.  Our business reputation has privileged us to be able to develop such an enormous cooperation with these prestigious banks. 

EFFICIENT, FLEXIBLE and EFFECTIVE are all of the key words in describing The SCB.  We want to introduce this system to your company so that you can benefit from it.
      What is SCB?  
     SCB system is a financial tool developed originally to expedite the payment scheduling and manage the risk factors for vendors.  We have improved this system to benefit both parties (vendor and buyer) by offering buyers more flexibility in their payment terms and buying abilities. 

We understand that a synergy of a "system that works" along with a "system that will help future progress" must be implemented with the least amount of impedance; therefore our system was built to be seamlessly integrate into your current system. Fully customizable and ready to work for you.
standard trade route   SCB  implemented trade route
  How can SCB benefit your company?  


  • Flexibility with payments, providing up to 180 days of extension per purchase which can free up much needed cash flow
  • Larger sum capital investments, which will benefit you with more buying power and better bargaining ability
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  We serve our customers with the most efficient management and highest quality service.   
Shanghai Megahoo International, 4F, No.353. Fute (N), Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, 200131   
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