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  Shanghai Megahoo International
353 North Fute Road
WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone
Shanghai, China, 200131

phone: +86 (0) 21-58667086
fax: +86 (0) 21-58667089
     Asia is the leader in quality low-cost manufacturing, taking advantage of Asian manufacturing can be nearly impossible due to language, distance and cultural barriers. However, Megahoo has the specialized experience, connections and manufacturing base to bring you all the advantages of Asian manufacturing, at the lowest possible price, without the difficulties of manufacturing overseas. Simply let us know what you want, and we will manufacture and deliver it to your doorstep. It could not be easier. Everything is done for you from the time you order until the time your product arrives at your door from the factory. We put the best manufacturing, sourcing and factories in the world into the palm of your hand.
What could be better for you?

You will receive quality goods, at the most competitive prices, direct from the factory and without having to make expensive and time-consuming business trips.  Megahoo offers total manufacturing support in every step from design to delivering your products to your door. Why are these services so important? First, you need to consider the potential problems you may encounter when sourcing manufacturing overseas:
  • Finding a reliable, trustworthy manufacturer and resolving differences

  • Negotiating the best price and ensuring quality control

  • Ensuring Social Compliances with your country's import laws

  • Overcoming the language, cultural barriers and ensuring proper communication

  • Monitoring the status of your order

  • Clearing shipments through customs and dealing with potential problems

  • Handling payment and shipment

  • Most of all, while running your business, how do you find the time to do these things?

     We will use our expertise to address all these potential problems quickly, professionally and efficiently. Our business contacts, knowledge and experience streamline the ordering process and provide the best products to you in the quickest time at the lowest price possible, while giving you all the advantages of our years of experience and Guanxi(关系) or informal connections, which are so important for business in China.

We will save you time and expense by:
  • Eliminating the need for costly international business trips

  • Providing reliable, quality manufacturing

  • Ensuring the best price and contract terms

  • Managing your order

  • Arranging shipping and export documentation

  • Eliminating communication and cultural barriers

  • Handling international payments

  We serve our customers with the most efficient management and highest quality service.   
Shanghai Megahoo International, 4F, No.353. Fute (N), Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, 200131   
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