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  Shanghai Megahoo International
353 North Fute Road
WaiGaoQiao Free Trade Zone
Shanghai, China, 200131

phone: +86 (0) 21-58667086
fax: +86 (0) 21-58667089
     Shanghai Megahoo International has various types of warehouses in Shanghai region that may provide overall warehousing services for import/export cargo such as loading, storage, pick and pack, repacking, measurement, weight, barcode scan, labeling, pallet, and wrapping for domestic and foreign business.

Warehousing Advantages with Shanghai Megahoo International:

- Flawless reputation with Customs enables the fast, secure declaration and inspection to lower customer’s cost

- Advanced barcode management system ensures the accuracy of cargo in and out of warehouse, cargo space allocation, increase working efficiency on worker and forklift operation, and Just In Time data input to the system for customer to keep track of the latest storage information.

- Well Structured network system enables data sharing to ensure operation precision and efficiency as the one-stop service integration in order to benefit the customer needs.

- Detailed warehouse management: saving lots of works and costs for the customer with the detailed warehouse operation such as pick and pack, measurement, scanning, pallet, wrapping, repacking, etc.

- WMS SYSTEM: 24/7 Online access for inventory check: professional warehouse management system enables data sharing with customer and to provide online checking services.

- Cargo loading plan design and operation: professional computer program and staff are able to provide and design the loading plan for standard and special container (such as open-top or frame container) to ensure the container safety during transportation.

- Security and insurance: 24 hours of close circuit monitor surveillance system and security guards to guarantee the warehouse security operation such as safety management, inspection, visitor identification. Well build fire sprinkle and report system with nicely maintained fire extinguishers are fully approved by the fire department.
  Free Trade Zone W/H storage

Total space = 16,000m2

Pallet space = 5,000 unit space

Loading platform = 10

Ground loading: 1.5ton/m2

3-5 ton forklift trucks

Reach Trucks
  Shelves load bearing: 3 tons

Floor material: epoxy resin

Temperature and humidity monitor:

Thermometer & hygrometer



Height of W/H: min-9m max-11m

Natural light board and heat

Insulating board

Centralized fire alarm system
  Security CCTV equipped

24/7 on-site guarding

Heat & smoke detectors

Auto sprinkler system
  We serve our customers with the most efficient management and highest quality service.   
Shanghai Megahoo International, 4F, No.353. Fute (N), Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, 200131   
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